United Arab Emirates is considered the fastest growing Dates- Palms producing countries in the world today. This shiny visage due to the direct encouragement and personal direction and full support of his Highness Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al- Nahyan and their highnesses Sheikhs of the Emirates and the authorities who are planning and executing the agriculture projects and secure the development programs cross the country.

His strategy to expand the green area in the country with a beloved and traditional tree which has been evolved from this area in the Arab peninsula, helping the local farmers to have additional income from its fruits, which is considered as a dietary source and has been much recognized in the U.A.E. and its people increasing the dates products with espousing of export will diversify the economy of the country and promote many other related industries by activation of many related business promoting trade and re exporting dates from the U.A.E. to other countries and this is an extra commercial step to strengthen the U.A.E. economy.

Emirates efforts in promoting Date farming
Dates farms distributed all over the U.A.E. lands from the east to the west and from the north to the south old farms as well as new. Along the gulf cost area and at the mountains edges & vallies, in addition, to the Oasis of inland and desert area.

The major production areas are Lewa, Delma, AL Ain, Khaznah, Sweihan, El Khatt, El Thaid, Kalba & khour Fakan. UAE has nine packing houses and plants scattered in various Emirates, their capacities range from 200 /MT/year up to 3000 MT/year, most of these work during the season usually before a month of Holy Ramadan. They usually produce packed dates in different sizes, after preliminary processing & packing dates and market their products locally.